Unpack Property Podcast offers resources to first-time homeowners and property investors! Every week, your host Lerato B chats with friends and industry professionals about property matters.

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Are you a first-time homeowner or Investor?

This is your ultimate destination for property matters, savvy solutions, and financial literacy! If you want to save smarter and grow wealth through property investments.

Being a first-time homebuyer is exciting! But I know it can also feel overwhelming — Unpack offers you tools and resources to make life a little easier! From home loan calculators to expert advice! This is the ultimate resource for property matters.

Property investment is not just for the wealthy! It doesn’t take large sums of money to get involved in real estate.

The number one reason to invest in real estate is to generate a passive income for yourself so you can enjoy more of the things you want. However, not all real estate investments are created equal.

Having an Investment strategy not only ensures that you are in the driver’s seat with a clear vision of where it is you want to get to, and why you want to go there but having a strategy is how you’re going to turn your vision into reality. This is also known as your financial plan! 

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What People Say

Exciting, concise and very informative conversations about property related topics that matter! Highly recommend for property investors and those that aspire to invest in property across the world.
- John
The part about choosing the right bank for a home loan is important. Just because people said it’s an amazing bank doesn’t mean you should take their word for it. Do your research. Loved this episode.
- Karabo
I enjoy podcasts like these as opposed to those that drag on forever, insightful and powerful content here 🔥
- TC Moila

Meet Your Host

Lerato is a professional with expertise in marketing and financial services. She created this podcast as a passion project during her first home purchase. The focus is educating first-time homebuyers, drawing from her experience in both marketing and finance.


Lerato B

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