EP 1: Managing Your Money as a New Home Owner

Danielle Desir is a US-based author, writer, and podcaster.  I listen to her podcast The Thought Card where she talks about my two favorite topics- travel and money!

I’ve read her books Affording Travel and Traveling with a full-time job that is available on Amazon

In this episode, I chat with Danielle Desir about why you need a budget and tips on how to save and manage your money as a new homeowner.

Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir

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  • What is a downpayment and how can I save for it?
  • Is Borrowing from your retirement a good idea?
  • Understanding the meaning of House Rich and Cash Poor and How to avoid it?
  • How is a good way to keep track of all the expenses accumulated over the time I live in this property?

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