EP 15: How to open a hotel in Africa

Gabriel Leavell is an American from a small city called Everett in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).  After 4 years in NYC, he fell into the Airbnb business and expanded rapidly. This has been his main business for the past 6 years.

During this period, he decided to take all his interests and mission under one hotelier brand. A lifestyle brand that you can live and breathe that impacts artists/artisans on the ground. This is the goal of Daze House.

Gabriel Leavell

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  • Daze House: The concept, How long it took to get the project going, and lessons so far.
  • Any specific licenses involved in starting a hotel and how long it took (from the idea to opening day)
  • Tell me more about your vision to create a boutique hotel chain across Africa
  • Things that are taken into consideration when choosing which countries to invest in?
  • Which African countries do you recommend as great options for someone looking to build or buy short-term rentals?
  • Tips for someone who wants to open a hotel?

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