EP 30: My First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

There are many mistakes to avoid when buying your home in South Africa.

Yes, it normal to have buyers remorse after buying a house? As first time homeowners

Common Home Buyers Mistakes

  1. Not checking every light and electrical outlet.
  2. Not getting a second opinion on inspections.
  3. Not checking with the WiFi signal and cellphone service is like.
  4. Not checking out the house in different weather conditions such as rain season.

I invited my friend Rethabile Mashala and we share mistakes and lessons from being a homeowner in South Africa for 1 year.

Rethabile Mashala


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  • Most expensive mistake?
  • Can you trust estate agents?
  • Make sure agreed-upon repairs are done before closing
  • Understanding offer to purchase
  • Levies vs. Rates and taxes

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