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Podcast Marketing: 100 podcasters share tactics they used to grow their shows. Read Here

Lerato Bambo Unpack Property Podcast hits 100000 downloads | Read HERE

The Creatress Summit is a 5-day media and marketing virtual conference that highlights the voices of Womxn of Color. Lerato will be speaking about starting and monetizing a podcast. –  Read HERE.

Lerato Bambo shares how to invest in property in different countries as you travel the world. Property Magicians is a Real Estate Podcast for men and women of colour on the African Continent. Listen HERE

Lerato was part of the Women in Podcasting panel on Clubhouse. Hosted by BBE London Podcasting Agency – Learn More 

Lerato chats to Lelo Boyana (Ms Lelo B) on Chica Travel Podcast about tips for living in Bali. Listen HERE.

Influential Black Women in Travel | Read Here

The event aims to provide local tourism products an opportunity to share and market their offerings to the local market. I spoke about online presence, websites and importance of Local SEO –  Read HERE.

The Wild Woman Interviews’ is a series of Q&As with women who do interesting, brave, and inspiring things. Read HERE.

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers. Read HERE.

Traveling Responsibly with Lerato Bambo. Read HERE.

Rooms for Africa (Newsletter Feature):  Read HERE

5 Female Travel bloggers you should be following! – Read HERE

Lerato Bambo is a digital marketing professional, travel writer, and podcaster. She specializes in SEM. Contact Lerato!

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