EP 21: How to Manifest a Home

Do you want to manifest a home, vacation, or job?

The concept of manifesting is based on the Law of Attraction, which is the theory that putting positive energy and believing in the desired outcome will cause an individual to achieve it.

How to Manifest a Home

Building a life you’ve always dreamed of is possible through hard work! In this week’s episode, Jane Kilian, also known as GI Jane ZA is a personal trainer, self-love coach Owner of Secret Sunrise Durban, and Unselfishly Me.

Jane studied Sports Science and did her Honours in Exercise Science. After completing her studies in South Africa, she moved to the UK for a year where she learned more about self-love. Today Jane is a mom, podcaster, personal trainer who followed her passion for helping others and is now making a difference in her clients’ lives through coaching, events, and various products.

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  • Understanding self-love
  • Why have a vision board
  • Benefits of journaling
  • Unselfishly Me – Podcasts, Products and Retreats

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Positive Thought Breeds Positive Outcome

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