Brunch at The Winchester Hotel Restaurant

The newly renovated Winchester Hotel Restaurant in Cape Town was on my list of places to eat on my recent trip.

Nothing beats a good brunch, especially when the setting is exceptionally decadent!

Winchester Boutique Hotel (previously the Winchester Mansions) was originally built as residential property in 1922, it was later bought by a Mr. Harvey who converted it into a hotel in 1958.

It’s a Sea Point classic that was recently renovated for 90 million rands in 2021.

The Winchester Hotel

Brunch at The Winchester Hotel Restaurant 

Shoreditch is a new addition to the property. It’s Rory Jossel’s full-service restaurant (which also services the courtyard).

Shoreditch is the modern eatery at the Winchester Hotel, positioned primely on the scenic Sea Point Promenade.

Instead of having a themed menu, guests can try everything from Italian to Asian to Mexican dishes, all seared, caramelized, roasted, or braaied over hot coals.

Booking Experience at Shoreditch 

I called on Friday to make a reservation for breakfast on Saturday and I was told it’s fully booked.

My friend suggested that we go there for dinner instead, then I called again to ask if we could come in for dinner or late lunch, the person on the phone was extremely rude, kept saying “hello, hello” and eventually hung up on me. I was shocked, I gave up and was ready to eat somewhere else.

My friend then called and requested a lunch reservation and they told us they are expecting about 90 people but we should come and they’ll make a plan for us.

First Impression of The Shoreditch 

The Winchester Boutique Hotel has a classic black and white Hollywood glamour feel. It’s one of Sea Point’s most beautiful hotels. It’s a wonderland of monochrome and pretty green and pink foliage.

The staff was friendly, going out of their way to make you feel welcome. It’s the perfect place to meet for post-promenade walk sundowners.

Winchester Hotel Restaurant

Food at The Winchester Hotel Restaurant  

On the menu at Shoreditch is a collection of different sharable side plates to mix and match and try and taste alongside some fine wine. So be prepared to try a bit of everything here.

I didn’t want to eat a lot as we were going wine tasting after brunch.

We tried the Open Tacos – seared tuna, Mexican molé and salsa (R80), Waygu sliders (R90), Calamari with an amazing sauce (R110), and fries (R50). Washed down with an Aperol Spritz, was the best way to spend a Saturday Morning in Sea Point!

My Experience at Shoreditch

We walked in and the restaurant was half empty despite being told its fully booked on the phone. Personally, I think the booking experience with the rude person on the phone affected my review as I went in with low expectations for customer service, but overall I had a positive experience, not sure if I’d rush to go back.

  • Booking Experience: 1/5
  • Food: 3/5
  • Service at The Restaurant: 4/5
  • Would I go back? Not really

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