Transcribe Your Podcast

How to transcribe your Podcast

Are you wondering if you should transcribe your podcast?

Transcribing podcasts is a great way to repurpose your content, some people might not want to listen to audio but will read about a specific topic.

If you offer both options for listeners and readers this can help increase your organic traffic and downloads.

Why transcribe a podcast to text?

Would anyone read a podcast?

Accessibility to the hearing impaired

There are many people around the world who are deaf or have auditory processing disorders. Podcast transcripts are another way for more people to understand and engage with your content.


There are over 3 million searches on Google every minute. When you transcribe your podcast episodes, this increases your podcast visibility and gives search engines an idea of what the episode is about.

When the user types in a searchable keyword in Google and your website has content with descriptions of each episode, this impacts how search engines will rank your episode.

Podcast Monetisation Options

When your turn your podcast from audio to text, there’s an opportunity to add affiliate links. An affiliate is someone you are working with and pays a commission if your podcast refers customers to their products or services.

For example, I have a travel blog and earn affiliate commission from, when customers use my affiliate links to book a stay.

Social Media

You can use social media to give listeners a taste of your show by sharing quotes and audiograms on Instagram stories, TikTok and Facebook.

How to turn your podcast audio to text 

Transcribe Your Podcast

There are different ways of transcribing podcasts episodes. Some are automated or manual and some are paid or free. 

  1. Automated Podcast Transcription: The AI listens to the audio you submitted and will do the best it can to transcribe the contents. Some software is a little less accurate, in that it tends to misspell a lot of your words.
  2. Manual Transcription: These are transcribed and overseen by an actual person. Podcasters can hire a company or a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr.

Free Podcast Transcription Software Programs

Turn Podcast Audio to Text with Google Recorder

Google Recorder allows you to record, turn your audio into searchable words. You will be required to speak and record every word of your podcast audio into the app/software, an alternative to the Google Recorder app is to use the Google Docs Voice Typing tool in Chrome. 


Scribie is an audio and video transcription service.

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