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Seeing pictures of couples and friends traveling together on Instagram can be #GOALS, but the reality is that traveling with other people can be a test for any relationship. Things are not always picture perfect.

When traveling together, you will be exposed to new aspects of your friends’ personalities and habits. How long do they take to get ready in the morning? Are they on time for activities? This is actually one of the reasons that I love gifting loved ones personalized watches on their birthdays and always encourage them to bring the watches for the trips.

It’s important to do your due diligence and suss out the proclivities of this person you’d be seeing a lot of for the entire trip. Every trip needs a leader, someone who’ll remind people of what needs to be done, what time we are meeting, and most importantly someone who is patient.

I mostly travel alone but I also plan group trips and travel with friends too. I often get questions like “is it too soon to travel together, don’t you have arguments on the trips, do you come back as friends?”

Traveling with other people takes you out of the comfort of your day-to-day lives. It’s likely one or many of you aren’t familiar with the place you’re going, and not knowing your way around can be unsettling. 

Your flight could be delayed or you can miss your flights, luggage gets lost or you or your friend could get sick. Things do go wrong. How do you deal with this?

Tips for Traveling with People

I was chatting with a friend who recently traveled to another country for a week-long first date and I was thinking back about my previous group travel experiences and there are so many things I wish I did differently. 

Besides choosing a place where all parties are excited to visit; when planning out the itinerary you really need to be considerate.

It’s important to ensure each gets to choose places where both get what they want out of the trip. Other things to discuss:


Making sure that your expectations align is an essential part to creating an itinerary that everyone is happy with. Do you want to relax by the beach, or will you be joining walking tours to soak up a new culture? 

Are you open to trying new foods or do you want to go to Turkey and only eat burgers and sushi (this happened to me before on a friendcation and we ended up eating at different places as she wasn’t keen on trying Turkish food 😭).


Reach an agreement ahead of time about who is paying for what, what your budget is for the trip, how you’ll pay for shared expenses, what you’re willing to splurge on. when you’ll use cash versus credit cards, and any other financial implications of the trip.


I recently planned a trip for someone and when he got back, he was complaining about how he hated that no one spoke English and I had to stay calm and explain the importance of researching where you are going.

What language is spoken, getting money exchanged while you’re still in your country, is your visa sorted, how public transport works in that specific city? have you printed out your vaccine certificate? 


I learned this the hard way on a recent trip with a friend. I’m a pre-planner, I research places, costs, and times when things are open and I like sticking to the itinerary whereas my friend wanted to find things along the way.

It’s important to find out what each party is comfortable with and communicate regarding things like transportation, interests, and budgets.

Alone Time

Being together 24/7 is where the problems start. Taking some personal space can do wonders for the energy of the trip, even as couples, you need your own space to breathe.

Go for a walk alone, go for a coffee, having time out in your itinerary is ideal for your relationship. It’s also important to be present when you’re around your friends on this trip. Take this time to actually spend quality time together, laughing, sharing new experiences, and getting to know each other even better. Get off your phone and talk to each other.

Trips taken with loved ones are some of the most memorable! Have you been on a group trip?

Comment below with tips for friends planning a trip together.

Traveling with Friends

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