EP 20: How to stop stressing about money

Vangile Makwakwa is a Real Estate Investor, Author, and Podcaster. She runs her business remotely and has lived in over 7 countries (USA, South Africa, the UK, South Korea, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka). She is currently based in Sri Lanka and recently spent USD 10,000 (R140,000) in cash to renovate her Cape Town apartment, which led to a 75% rental price increase.

Vangile had issues with coping with financial stress and this led to a journey of self-discovery and healing the root cause of the trauma. She joins us to chat about her company, challenges, her relationship with money and property!

She also shares her knowledge about real estate investments on the Property Magicians Podcast with her co-host Dr. Miranda Moloto.



Vangile Makwakwa

Listen to the full episode on the UNPACK Podcast

  • Her relationship with money
  • How she started Wealthy Money
  • Coping with financial stress
  • What inspired the Heart, Health, and Money book

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